2018 | Sanjeevani 4 U

Slow down..take a break

This is a story shared by a Sanjeevani friend and follower: ————- ” I am a yoga teacher by profession and live in the city. Yesterday, we had first snow

JULY 2018 – Tender The Aging

Sanjeevani had its 3rd talk on topic “Tender the Aging”. Guest speakers were Dr Neelum Aggarwal and Ms. Ramya Iyer. Dr. Aggarwal provided useful insights about Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Sanjeevani celebrated Mother’s Day on May 12 with a difference! Mental health stems with physical health and nutrition. As May is mental health awareness month and the full house of audiences


Generally in my morning walk – I see regular walkers & runners and we always exchange a smile, a wave or a greeting. Most of these are from my own

Depression to Expression

When things does not happen your way, when things are not under your control anymore, or you get upset and eventually such series of incidents makes you depressed. Depression if

Give Yourself a Second Chance

Let’s rediscover ourselves. Let’s allow ourselves to write a New Story. Why?? Because what we can do, we must do. What we cannot do, anyways we can’t do. To experience


Courage – What is courage? Courage is to be happy when everyone around you wants you to break. Courage is to stand tall when you have your legs bound by


Sanjeevani NGO organized its first quarterly talk event of 2018 on topic “Youth – Challenges & Concerns” on April 8, 2018 from 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM at 95th Street

“Happiness Series -2- Divorce”

The ultimate goal of life is to be happy. We have all heard it, believe in it, chase it and yet it eludes us most of the time. So you

The Cycle (of expectations and disappointments)

This is how most of the people will define life. It is a perpetual cycle of expectations and disappointments. I was searching my answer for, why we get sad and