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Techniques for ‘happy’ state of mind

Dear friends, We have all experienced anxiety in some form or another. It for sure does not look the same for any two people. With that said, there are various

Sleep habits

Sleep patterns during current COVID-19 situations or when in stress: Lately, a lot of calls are coming during the hours of mid night and early am. WHY? People’s sleep habits

Finance 101 (May session) – Q & A

Here are the responses of the questions during session #1 of Finance 101 (Basic Finance for women) who are employed or home maker. Q1 Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA For

Kids & help during Covid-19 times

Here are three tips for helping your children cope with stress during this difficult and confusing time. Tip #1: Be honest with your children. Explain exactly what’s going on, and

March 2020 – Managing anxiety during COVID situation

Join online webinar to understand and manage anxiety and stress with kids/teenagers and adults during COVID related situation. Presented by Gauri Goswami (LCSW)

Sept 2019 – Suicide Prevention Awareness

Thank you Michael Bushman and AFSP Illinois Chapter for a very informative session on suicide prevention. TALK SAVES LIVES

April 2019 – Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault

Sanjeevani  conducted its second talk event for 2019 on sexual assault and domestic violence on 20th April, 2019 at Naperville library at 95th street, Naperville from 2.30pm – 4pm. The objective of

To Separate or Not to Separate

by our learned ones; in both situations the objective was to become intimate, procreate the human species and hopefully find solace in each other’s company. We were intimate as we

Feb 2019 – Laws and Legal Process

Sanjeevani had a successful talk event on February 1 at the Indo-American Center. Guest speaker Vishal Chhabria who is a Business and Immigration lawyer provided very useful information and insights on asylum, immigration,

Slow down..take a break

This is a story shared by a Sanjeevani friend and follower: ————- ” I am a yoga teacher by profession and live in the city. Yesterday, we had first snow