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Memory Changes

Dr. N Aggarwal presented a useful and informative session on Dementia and related topics. The recording is available here.

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School-life balance

Happy Wednesday! Today’s youth story topic is about maintaining a healthy school life balance. It’s not always easy to balance academics with our lives, especially during this pandemic. As most

Exam Stress

Happy first day of May! May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, so Sanjeevani4U will be posting mental health related youth stories twice a week every Saturday and Wednesday. Today’s

August 2020 – Saving Ourselves & Youth from Suicide

Topics: How to ask for help * How to recognize warning signs* How to navigate grief Stigma Why youth mental wellness is important? Do parents know all mental health issues

December 2020 Panel Discussion – Youth & Millennials: Mental Health

Managing school and stress Virtual studying Balancing social media and friends Self esteem issues Ways to be engaged, productive and being less frustrated LGBTQ & community Monitoring bullying Why youth

January 2021 Panel Discussion – Youth Mental Health

6 high schools and 4 colleges joined too discuss about topics: 1. Mental health (staying away from friends, no social interactions, loneliness, addiction to electronics) 2. Difficult year for learning

Name that feeling

In March 2020, just like everyone else, I found myself in my newest hours of stress and anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. When the lock-down was first announced,

Techniques for ‘happy’ state of mind

Dear friends, We have all experienced anxiety in some form or another. It for sure does not look the same for any two people. With that said, there are various

Sleep habits

Sleep patterns during current COVID-19 situations or when in stress: Lately, a lot of calls are coming during the hours of mid night and early am. WHY? People’s sleep habits