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Depression to Expression

In order to understand how to deal with depression, we have to first understand what depression is. Depression is such a state in your system, wherein your own body and mind stops taking instruction from you and starts behaving in a compulsive way. This simple understanding can be the first step taken towards healing depression.

Why do we get depressed?

When things does not happen your way, when things are not under your control anymore, or you get upset and eventually such series of incidents makes you depressed. Depression if not handled soon can be very much self-damaging.

Mostly, depressions are self-created, because you keep pushing the thin line which exists between sanity and insanity.  When you are sad, when you are angry, or when you are mad at somebody, you are just pushing the borderline of sanity and trying to move towards insanity for a while. If you keep doing this on a daily basis, you will certainly cross the boundaries one day and you will be clinically there. In depression, the chemical balance in the system gets totally disturbed. Depression is just a manifestation of chemical imbalance in the system.

Understanding the mechanics of Life: In mathematics, absolute value means to remove negative sign in front of a number and to think all numbers are positive. However, real life situations and relationships are not absolute, they are volatile. That’s how the mechanics of life works. The more you understand this, the more flexible you will be to ideas on how to deal with depression.

Emotions: Human being is capable of making any emotion into a creative life force in their own life. Now, here the question is to choose your negative emotion to grow positively into love and compassion which will lead to your ultimate well-being.

Steps towards healing depression:

Commit yourself doing physical activity in a natural environment:

These days we hardly spent time on doing physical activity on a daily basis. Because of which there is chemical imbalance in the system. Physical activity is a mandate to maintain the chemical balance in the system.

The good news is that our biological body is constantly in communication with us and the environment.  So doing physical activity like playing, walking, running, yoga, meditation will help to maintain the chemical balance in the system. In the nature, the five elements – sunlight, water, air, fire and space will work magically to enhance the process of well-being. Being inclusive with the nature is one of the best depression therapy that you could gift to yourself just making a choice of doing things consciously in life.

Choose your food and eat consciously:  Depression is just a manifestation of changing to unhealthy lifestyles. Food becomes an integral part of our system after we consume it. We must take utmost care to choose the type of food that we are allowing making a part of our system. Choosing food full of life like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good fats and avoiding processed and packaged food which has no life force or prana in it, while certainly help in treating depression.

So by doing certain things like eating the right positive pranic food, not being judgmental, and with yoga practice we must create right kind of environment to see life happens naturally to us effortlessly.

Let us not fix the outer world, rather let us fix our self in such a way that whatever comes our way we will be absolutely fine and divine


Premsai Samontoray