Give Yourself a Second Chance | Sanjeevani 4 U

Give Yourself a Second Chance

Let’s rediscover ourselves. Let’s allow ourselves to write a New Story.

Why?? Because what we can do, we must do. What we cannot do, anyways we can’t do. To experience this, get up, forgive yourself, start it all over again. This time, let’s think in a different way.

Let’s explore all that we can do. Discover ourselves.  Nature is conspiring to fulfill our dreams. Get up and give this Cosmos a second chance.

Life is beautiful, it always gives us a second chance and the name of it is “this moment”, that is “NOW”. This moment is inevitable, let ‘s seize this moment, let’s make it all ours.

Forgive and Forget,   the past. Let’s make this moment “a WOW moment”.

Because “this moment” is not an idea, this is the only and the ultimate reality.

Life can surprise us any moment. That’s great news that we are alive today and breathing. Many would have not seen today’s sunrise. We are the luckiest to see the sun shine. Incredible things can happen to us , only if we are committed to make it happen.

Our  past could be full of mistakes, life could have taken away people we loved the most, and relationship could have not worked, we could have never succeeded in business, no matter what happened in the past, still get up and look at the sun shining bright and waiting for us to give another chance to flourish.

Let’s grab this chance and transform each moment to endless possibilities. Unleash your true potential. Realize this that “Being Human is just SUPER”.

Let’s upgrade ourselves to a higher version of being by learning new things and start thinking and working in a different way.

Making the right choices each moment will transform our life to infinite possibilities. Get up, smile, and be a vibrant Life.


Premsai Samontoray