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Hello Sanjeevani Sisters. I cannot THANK YOU all enough for everything you did for us. Its been crazy couple of months for us but being you by our side in this foreign country, where there is no one for us to call "APNA", you having our back was great feeling in this time of distress. Honestly speaking, didn't feel good having to ask for stuff like that but we were sure, needy and needed all that which was given with so much love. I hope no one ever have to go thru this type of situation but there is a lot happening out there behind closed door, which appears to be normal from outside and it is not easy for a women to step out and have courage to start over alone. It is a LOT to handle being women. You all are a great support for someone who shows that courage and refuse to be a victim of constant abuse and insult. I appreciate everything u all are doing. Each one of u that I met or spoke with was a great support. THANK YOU very much you all lovely ladies. Stay Blessed AK

Testimonial by AK

"I could not talk to others, but reaching to you anonymously and unburdening helped" NK

Testimonial by NK

"Wanted to take a moment and share my experience with Sanjeevani. I had anxiety and fear issues for few days. Wasn't about to nail down what exactly was happening to me... my thoughts. I reached out for help to Sanjeevani group. Received a high professional level help from volunteers. Great thought provoking counselling. We all may have issues...we may understand few ...few may be unknown to us. Don't sit on your issues... and seek help. I am stronger now and so we all can be.omeone who shows that courage and refuse to be a victim of constant abuse and insult." SL

Testimonial – SL

"Problems are not solved, but now I know how to deal with them  - deal with myself to handle the problems - Thank you for listening to me" M

Testimonial by M

"I have felt much better after talking to Sanjeevani" RN

Testimonial by RN