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Slow down..take a break

This is a story shared by a Sanjeevani friend and follower:


” I am a yoga teacher by profession and live in the city. Yesterday, we had first snow fall and it becomes chaotic esp in city for parking, traffic etc. Even though I am to be calm and in control but being human, I became a little grumpy trying to find a parking and treading on the snow fallen pavements and roads.
And then I saw a man coming from the other end and he had a 3-4 year old kid perched on his shoulders. The kid was awestruck and his eyes were on the sky as he was enjoying the flakes fall on his face and trying hard to catch them all. The dad was beaming even though his tread was difficult.

I suddenly realized that why am i angry- is it at the nature, the snow falling, the slow walk, being late for work, unable to find parking etc..can I have slowed down ? I could – and then I did.

I stopped for a while and looked all around the white blanket, smiled at the dad and the kid – it filled me with energy and I thought to myself – I can deal with a day – with whatever comes – but with a smile and a pause – just by breathing it in and out”

by Jeff