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Courage – What is courage?

Courage is to be happy when everyone around you wants you to break.

Courage is to stand tall when you have your legs bound by weight of immorality around you.

Courage is to find purpose to help others when you know no one will help you.

Courage is to be a mother of a daughter and dream of her bright and just life where she doesn’t even think ones that world in not fair to her.

Courage is to find peace in the guilt of not being there for your old parents.

Courage is to leave your brother alone when you know he needs you the most.

Courage is to start your life from scratch with nothing but hope.

Courage is to make your way when you have a mountain in front of you.

Courage is to accept the truth and face it without the frills of your imaginations and perception.

All the above might not look like courage as you are not fighting a war or fighting an abusive relationship or have escaped brutality of some kind but all the above need courage. Courage to STOP and think and change.

We give ourselves very less credit for how courageous we have been, and the reason is that we always compare ourselves to the perception of courage that has been portrayed for us.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers

Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage – Find courage and be free.

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S Koul