Past Events | Sanjeevani 4 U

Panel Discussion – Youth Mental Health

Join to hear students of 6 high schools and 4 colleges about topics: 1. Mental health (staying away from friends, no social interactions, loneliness, addiction to electronics) 2. Difficult year for learning and progress. 3. Suicide Prevention. Needs to be addressed as many kids may be depressed due to not getting into college of their ...


Can Pre-Nups Prevent Domestic Violence?

* What is prenuptial agreement? * what can be included? * How can this protect/prevent domestic violence? * what are pros and cons? * what is post pre-nup? --- Guest speaker - Reshma Sambare (Attorney & President - South Asian Women's Association) ----- Zoom link -

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Join for the online session with Dr. Abha Rai (Phd., MSW) --- Free event but please Register ---- Topics: Managing relationships & stress Virtual dating Balancing personal and social life Self esteem Red flags

Walk – May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Hidden Lake Forest Preserve Route 53, Glen Ellyn

Join to Walk/Run to support and bring awareness to May - which is month for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS\ --- FREE, but please register at (The main entrance is on the east side of Route 53 0.25 mile south of Butterfield Road)  

Teen Stress

Join the concluding the mental health series for May (mental health awareness month); via YouTube and Facebook live. Guest speaker is Gauri Goswami.

Memory Change & Dementia

Join Dr. N. Aggarwal in a talk on Dementia and related topics. Online session - YouTube and Facebook Live.

Youth series 1/4: How to spend summers effectively?

How to spend summers effectively? How to get break from Rigor of school and recharge? How to clear covid concerns and be stress free? -- Summer is the time to let go of some of the clutter in the busy minds due to all the busy stuff during the school year or college. -- Session ...

Youth series 2/4: Bulimia

What is Bulimia? What effect it has? What are symptoms? Does this cause stress? How can you help? How can family and loved ones help? -- Session led by youth team. Facebook Live and YouTube


What * Who * Stigma * Fear * Support * Family/Peers -- Led by youth team of Sanjeevani4U -- Free event; registration requested -- #gay #lesbian #bisexual #transgender #queer

Youth Series 3/4: Why youth hurt?

Why youth are sad? Why youth hurt (themselves)? How can we help? -- Session led by youth team. Facebook Live and YouTube

September group activity

Feed My Starving Children 740 Wiley Farm Court, Schaumburg

Join Sanjeevani4U team in packing food. We have 10 spots - if interested - please email to