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Uncertainty about college

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s topic is about feeling confused or uncertain about your future college plans. As a junior in high school, I will start applying to colleges this upcoming fall, but I am still unsure of a major and minor. I know the general field I want to go into, but not much more. This scares me. I get super stressed sometimes because I don’t have it figured all out. I’m sure some of you may be feeling this way also. There are just so many different career options that it’s hard to pick just one. Some of you may be struggling to decide whether you even want to go to college or not. Or you might be worrying about applying to college itself. Even if you’re a freshman or sophmore, you might have some of these concerns. All of these worries are okay to feel. It’s okay to be nervous, anxious, stressed, etc. College is the next big chapter in our lives after high school, and we shouldn’t make any decisions regarding our future lightly. Some tips you can try are reaching out to your counselors at school. My school has very helpful college and career counselors who can answer almost any questions students have about college. Also make sure to participate and ask questions in class, so when it comes to needing letters of recommendation for college, you wont have to worry about that. This summer, I plan on researching different colleges and majors and finalizing my plans for application season. I recommend you do the same, especially if you’re a junior. If you’re a freshmen or sophomore, it’s never to early to start college research, but you still have some time. However you plan on prepping for college, I wish you the best of luck!

Next post is about having trouble concentrating in school, especially nearing the end of the school year.


Payal Sutaria

(Youth Volunteer)