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To Do or Not To Do

Perfect Balance Between Being Receptive and Doing Action:

We, the Human Being, own the most sophisticated Machine in the world that is our Body n Mind; how it works, we really don’t know though we have loads of Medical explanations on this. Had we known it, we would have created one.

Life is so fragile, yet so powerful that we are really unaware of its limits that it can manifest, if given the right environment. Unfortunately, we intervene when should not to be and loose the wonderful manifestation that could have happen if we would have been Receptive.

Evolution is just not a simple word which we learned from Darwin’s Theory, it’s something beyond that needs to be realized by being inclusive in our dimension of thinking, or thought patterns.
When we plant a tree, we do necessary actions like planting the seed and nourishing it with water sunlight, and then there the doing has to stop and Receptivity process starts and then we just need to wait for the consequences to manifest itself. A perfect Balance between this two can create Magic if the proportions of both the ingredients are perfect according to the situation, Blissfulness just happens, it’s already there. Problem rises, when we intervene in the wrong time.

The Wonderment to realize here is how Filth gets converted to Fragrance of a flower, or taste in the fruit which Manifest itself. Whatsoever, Life throws as situations which are not under our control, if we transform that Filth to Fragrance, Life will manifest itself, and Blissfulness will be there, without any effort. Just the proportion of the ingredients has to be perfect, according to the situation. Else if we are more receptive, we may never realize when we b may be lazy to wait for things to happen, other way if we only do actions, we may end of intervening with the consequence to manifest itself, may miss the wonderment or Magic to Happen.


Premsai Samantaray