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The Empowered Woman Series-2

Emotional Empowerment comes from a heightened sense of “being”.

Primarily knowing who I am as a person, uncovering the mystery of myself and being comfortable in myself. This comfort in who I am and my beliefs and value systems is a key determinant in forging happy relationships. The word “happy” here primarily means “stress free or low stress” relationships. The process of self-discovery is an ongoing one but celebrating the process and basking in the glory of one self is crucial to one’s interactions with one another. When a man sees a woman who is comfortable with who she is, he does not feel the need to control. If he sees a woman seeking validation for every action or personal preference of hers, one sets a power play in motion. Emotional abuse or abuse in any form is all about power play. So how do I emotionally empower myself  Read on..

  1. Write a journal. Pencil in a few lines of your hi’s and lo’s of the day.
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror for a few seconds every day. You have time. Smile at yourself. You are important.
  3. Hug yourself. You need to appreciate yourself too.
  4. Say a few Affirmations before bed. “I am strong”. “I am thankful”.
  5. Set a Goal. Learn something new, a language, a hobby, a new yoga posture.
  6. Don’t take yourself for granted. It’s ok to be emotional, weakness is also a sign of strength sometimes. It’s ok to show you are breaking down. But get up after that.
  7. Tell people what you think about them without getting into anyone’s personal space. Don’t bottle up all the time, neither be overtly reactive. Don’t judge but don’t be judged either.
  8. No one cares about your problems. 50% of your friends don’t care and the rest are glad you have them. If it’s your problem, solve it.
  9. Prioritize and Empathize. We are women because we can empathize more than any species on the planet. But don’t make others problems yours, and that includes your loved ones. Empower your kids too.
  10. Reward yourself for meeting your Goals. Move on to the next one.
  11. Have a girlfriend/s. You will need them as you grow older. Don’t expect men to always understand, they are wired differently. But women do, for the most part.

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