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The Empowered Woman Series-1

I the Creator

As a woman I possess the unique ability to “Create”, lives, spaces, experiences, families and much more. We are the “tacky glue” that holds our dear ones together. Be it our aging parents, our demanding babies, the husband aka “man-boy-child”, a passive aggressive boss, we have numerous roles that glorify our daily lives.

How do we create Happier Times?

A simple take on Life to be Happy

Start with the BASICS

– Sleep on Time

– Fill your Tummy, don’t skip a meal.

Its scientifically proven that a good sleep works wonders for the happy hormones.

Sun Set your Angers of the Day

– Be the Pupa of your life. Let it go. Talking about anger, amplifies the effect. Being silent has a cathartic effect.

Practice “Deafness”

– It pays to practice this with care and perseverance in personal and professional relationships. Works wonders.

Fake your Feelings, sometimes

– Be nice to someone who hurt you. You will be doing yourself a great favor as you will feel the anger dissipate.

Go for the Dark Chocolate

– Its a mood bender, stress reliever.

Dance like no ones watching

– Gets the “happy hormones” running.

Buy some “transient” Happiness sometimes

– A movie on Netflix, A Pass to a Blues Bar, A ChickFlick; U are important.

While “absolute happiness” is a journey, the “relative happiness” from materialistic indulgences is also important. Its the vitamins of our life. Don’t depend on it all the time though or you will overdose .

Take a Challenge

– Learn a new Language, Bungee Jumping, BackPack, roller blading so you can fail and then succeed or feel happy succeeding. The satisfaction of mastering a challenge will satiate your need to be happy .

Don’t anchor on Duties and Responsibilities

– Your happiness is your baby, only. Yours to nurture, grow and bask in the glory. No one in this world is responsible for how you feel, except yourself.

Take ownership of your Happiness. Be EMPOWERED.


Sarmi P.