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Staying connected w/ friends

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s youth topic is regarding how to stay connected with friends during the pandemic. Due to pandemic restrictions, I’m sure it has been difficult to maintain relationships with your friends. Especially with online learning, you probably don’t see your friends as often as you would have if school was in person. You might only be talking to your friends once or twice a week instead of everyday. Your social circle might have become smaller due to this. I understand that the struggle in staying connected with your friends may have you feeling lonely and sad. This can be damaging to your mental health as you may feel alone and as if there is no one to talk to. I recommend FaceTiming your friends every week or every other week. Plan out one day with your friends where you can all just catch up on life and make sure everyone is doing okay. It’s important to check up on your friends since we’re all so disconnected during this time. You can also text your friends frequently and talk about random things. Finally, you can meet your friends at a park and socially distance and wear masks, especially since the weather is starting to get warmer. This way, you are physically with other people while still taking safety precautions.

Saturday’s post will be about facing stress from grades.

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By Payal Sutaria

(Youth Volunteer)