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Sound and Healing

Our lives are filled with sounds of all kinds, and our responses to those sounds help create who we are from moment to moment. Sound can change our entire life’s course in an instant. Words spoken in anger can cause permanent damage between a husband and a wife, a parent and a child. One of the cornerstones of Pythagorean philosophy is the idea that beauty and proportion-qualities commonly found in mathematics, nature and music – are transferable to the observer. Sound can help and Sound can heal.

Chinese healers have used singing stones-thin flat pieces of jade which emit various musical tones when struck or played like a xylophone. The Sufis consider Hu to be the ultimate, creative sound. In yoga and in Hinduism, the Om chanting leads to an elevated sense of consciousness. Tibetans consider Kung to be nature’s preferred tone. There are many liturgical Christian prayers, such as “Lord have Mercy” and “Give Us Peace” and Gregorian chants which awaken to a deeper sense of being.

When life throws its curveballs you either duck under or ride the wave. Either way you leverage internal reservoirs of mental resilience and guidance. Sanjeevani offers healing voices, that provide the resources available for life changing moments, depression and fact based guidance.


Sarmistha Parida