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Parental/societal pressures

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Today’s topic is about facing parental and societal pressures as a teen. I’m sure most of you have experienced, or are experiencing, high expectations from someone. This may include your parents, relatives, friends, and teachers. Combined with the pandemic and exams rolling around the corner, these expectations may be causing you more stress on top of your studying and extracurriculars. You might face pressures to do well on exams, to finish the semester with straight A’s, to find time to hang out with everyone, etc. Just know you can’t always please everyone all of the time, and that’s OKAY. Don’t stress yourself out for what someone else believes you should be doing. It’s not worth damaging your mental health over it. Make sure you are happy with your progress, because that will improve your success and happiness. You are doing the best you can, and that’s what’s important! If you are facing demanding pressures from someone, try and talk to them. It won’t be easy, but let them know how you feel if it’s causing you stress or anxiety. Explain to them why you feel this way and what your own expectations are for yourself. If they don’t listen, talk to someone else that you trust.

You can always contact Sanjeevani4U for any struggles you are facing. Next post is about how to stay connected with friends. #parentalpressures #societalpressures #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #sanjeevani4u 24/7 Helpline is 224-424-0050


Payal Sutaria

(Youth Volunteer)