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“Happiness Series -1- Yale Course”

The ultimate goal of life is to be happy. We have all heard it, believe in it, chase it and yet it eludes us most of the time.

Try out a free Happiness Course online from Yale for free. If you want the certificate its paid, or else like a “frugalistic south asian mom” aka “ most of us”, check out the free option. Content is the same.

I am halfway through, and I feel I can delineate the satisfactory and unsatisfactory pursuits of my life better. Different perspectives  for all of us.

I had a few misconceptions about happiness, early on.

  • I don’t deserve it as my life is far from perfect.
  • It is a transitory emotion.
  • I can eat that ice cream or buy a Pandora bracelet and experience a temporary shot at happiness.

Over the course of life and ebbs and flows, I realized it didn’t matter if I was proposed to with a $100 or $10,000 ring. It was a matter of perspective.

I also realized, life didn’t have to be perfect like on Sunset Boulevard, LA , there is no “happily ever after”, it’s “ right here right now”. I am happy to be alive to see another day, to live another story in my life.

A friend made me realize “happiness isn’t temporary” like a job or a marriage or a breakup or a home. It can be permanent. It’s a “STATE of MIND” just like solid , liquid or gas.

Yale Happiness Course for Free

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