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Comparing oneself to others

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s topic is about comparing yourself to others and trying to uphold the beauty standards society has created. We all judge ourselves based on how we see others. We compare looks, friends, intelligence, circumstances, etc. By doing this, we are damaging our mental health because we create unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Social media has made this even worse by promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Social media distorts reality through the use of filters and photoshop. It’s important to realize that these types of posts on social media aren’t realistic. No one is super thin 24/7, no one has a perfectly smooth face, I could go on forever. I understand that it can be difficult to acknowledge the distortions we see on social media because they seem so real. This leads to us comparing ourselves to those distortions which consequently damages mental health and may make you feel sad, confused, hopeless. We need to train our minds to ignore societal standards. When you come across a post that’s heavily altered, remember that it isn’t real. We also should focus more on self-love. Self-love includes mental health, and it’s key to being happy. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are kind. You are unique. You are loved. Tell yourself these phrases each day. Remember these phrases each time you compare yourself to someone else. Next post will be the last for this compilation of youth stories.

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Payal Sutaria

(Youth Volunteer)