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Generally in my morning walk – I see regular walkers & runners and we always exchange a smile, a wave or a greeting. Most of these are from my own area and neighborhood.

For the last few weeks, had been seeing a new gentleman in the path. He never reciprocated the greeting or smile. A few days into, I thought – huh – I won’t greet either but the better of the mind took over instantly and I continued the morning greet. After all, it was an action of a tiny muscle on the sides of the lips, perhaps a minimal effort of my hand and two words out from my mouth.
Big deal – also it is better to change oneself and having no ability to change others.

I also thought – who knows what this person may be going through – as sometimes this small twitch of a muscle can be a task as moving mountains. Is his morning routine also a big task? Is outward appearance some indication of a storm going inside?

Today, he smiled. I felt good and I believe he must’ve felt good too. Sometimes, tiny efforts make changes and whether we chose to accept or not-

  • people feel that if there is someone smiling, do they want something in return?
  • people call, is there something in return that I must do?
  • people invite, is there an obligation for me to invite in return?
  • people make friends, is there something they want in return?

It is ok to smile for no reason, or call someone or meet someone for no reason 


P Kumar

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