2017 Q3 Talk Event | Sanjeevani 4 U

2017 Q3 Talk Event


Sanjeevani thanks everyone who came to the 3rd quarter talk event yesterday at the Lisle Library.

The event was a full house and had experts who talked about “RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE & YOUTH IMPACT including information about ABUSE/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”

We thanks our esteemed audience and our guest speakers :

Margot Smith from 360 Youth Services

Dr. R Pandey (Relationship & Marriage expert)

Officer McKay from Lisle police department

A few key notes below and if you missed the event, you can see the videos which will be added to sanjeevani4u.com website and a video is also available on this social page

– It is not a good idea to have children as a ‘messenger’ between spouses in differences or domestic disputes
– kids are stronger than we think, and they understand if you talk to them
– If there are issues at home which may be affecting children, do let schools know about that the child may be going through tough times (you do not have to give a reason)

– Abuse is abuse no matter to who it is intended for. Conduct towards any should not have a flavor of any kind of abuse (mental or physical)
– All relationships go through ups and downs, it is completely okay to reach a professional. Society is secondary to well being of you
– In today’s fast world, take time off for family and not just gadgets

– Reach to the police if it is urgent and an emergency, they are there to help, they do not ask visa status to help. They will help in shelters as required. Treat them as a friend in absolute emergencies
– A lot of ‘gray’ divorces is in the rise. Most often one needs to talk to when a breakup becomes imminent in the later stages of life